Key activities

1.      Public awareness increase on biodiversity and the possibility of its development


Ecological educational programs

Nature – the greatest building kit


Bee keeping – ecosystem’s utility



Biodiversity in after school and leisure activities for children and youth

Three after school clubs focused on monitoring, preservation and increasing of biodiversity in Kladno region


Outdoor educational courses for youth and adults

Summer camp


Educational events and workshops at ecologically significant days

World Animal Day

International Bird Day

Arbor Day

Earth Day

Day of Biodiversity

European Day for Bats


Learnig aids and educational material

Educational memory game – animal and foster homes

Colouring book




2.      Permaculture and natural gardens


Biodiversity in natural gardens

Planning and Design of Natural Gardens workshop

School Garden – the place of a great biodiversity seminar

Excursion in natural gardens and permaculture farm


Workshop-realisation of natural gardens subelements

Raised flowerbeds

Butterfly flowerbeds

Logerry for beatles and herbs

Water features

Drinking fountain for birds and insects



Edible trail

Course on mowing



3.      Environmentally friendly farms


Genetic resources of farm animals  – seminars

2 seminars – small ruminants and other domestic animals


Workshops and courses

Environmentally friendly farms and their products

Extensive grazing and nutrition of small ruminants







4.      Animal rescue station


Conference of animal rescue stations

Expert seminars

Workshop – Animal rescue station activities

Learning aids and instruction materials


-          DVD Voices of night – mammals

-          DVD Voices of very rare birds

-          Educational memory game – Animal rescue


Learning aids and educational materials


-          Bat pavilion

-          Technical equipment of bat pavilion

-          Cages for demonstration of permanently handicaped animals



5.      Bee keeping


Conference of bee keeping groups leaders

Courses on beekeeping for high schools

Courses for beginners

Learning aids and educational materials


-          Educational memory game – From life of a bee

-          Phenological calendary

-          Botanical key

-          Encyclopedia of beekeeping

-          Photographic beehive

-          Apiary


6.      Nature trail


Nature to human, human to nature

Information leaflet