About project

Nature to human, human to nature

The mission of our organisation is environmental education. The goal of this project is to offer to our clients several directions on how to protect and develop biological diversity in the form of educational programs. We feel that care for our environment is the basic human necessity and it should be obvious to each person. We are concern to spread information on this matter to the wide public in an attractive way. All activities in this project will be aimed to provide information and teach procedures and methodes leading to biodiversity preservation, ecologicaly acceptable consumption, natural resources saving and climate protection.

Key activities are focused on pre-school children, elemetary and high school students, youth and adults. Within this project we are planning to implement educational ecological programs and outdoor courses for children focused on protection of natural resources, learning about the relationship between organisms and their meaning in the environment. We would like to run an after school clubs for children and youth focused on nature protection and biodiversity, for adults we will hold expert courses on traditional activities using renewable resources that are environmentally friendly, directly dependent on biodiversity and thereby provide needs through fruit, vegetable, honey, eggs, meat and milk production.

The unifying output of common activities will be a realisation of Nature Trails with information panels. We will also remind ecologically imprtant days to the public.